Tax advice for Expats and people working abroad

We specialise in helping expats with their UK tax returns as well as a whole host of other issues. To discuss how we can make your life easier, get in touch.

With a team of qualified professionals experienced in UK tax we can also advise on tax planning for those who are departing the UK to work in Dubai, tax advice for those who are returning to the UK from Dubai, and insight into business structure and registration for companies that want to set up in the UK.

Living and working overseas as a British expat often doesn't mean you can simply forget about UK tax. When you leave the UK you should advise HMRC of your departure, and if you have a recurring source of income from the UK - such as money from a rental property - you will need to lodge a UK tax return each year.

Your UK tax return should include a Residence Supplement, which is not available from HMRC's online self-assessment website. For many expats this means new forms, tax returns to be completed each year with filing deadlines to be met and often the need to consider the interaction of tax systems in more than one country. Welch & Ellis can help remove the headache and ensure UK tax is one thing you don't have to worry about.

We also offer:


  • Tax planning advice, including advice on your tax residency
  • Preparation of UK tax returns, including advice on tax deductions to reduce your tax liability (with all tax returns submitted to HMRC electronically)
  • Preparation of accounts for taxpayers who are operating their own business
  • Assistance to ensure income is properly taxed and not over-taxed
  • Meetings to discuss issues arising, either in person or via a video discussion
  • Expat mortgages - finding the right one for your needs through our business partners

If you are an expat with a UK source of income, rest assured we know the issues affecting you. If you'd like to talk further, please get in touch for a free, no obligation proposal.


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